Intelligent Health understands how bringing people together and giving individuals a sense of purpose creates a more vibrant, social and healthy community.

Building active communities is essential to transforming the health of thousands of people across the UK and worldwide which is why we create campaigns that the whole community can take part in. On average, at least 10% of people in a community will take part in Beat the Street.

Beat the Street Southwark

Every community is unique and our engagement approach is tailored to each area. Whether it is speaking to residents at a Gurdwara in Southall or encouraging Police Community Support Officers to cycle across Tendring – Intelligent Health ensures that our campaigns are at the heart of every community.

Paths For All have funded the programme with councils in Scotland to transform active travel and bring communities together.

Watch what happened when Beat the Street came to East Kilbride:

We pride ourselves on our ability to engage with the most hard-to-reach people including elderly, disabled or socially isolated residents. Retired members of Banham Drive in Sudbury found that Beat the Street helped connect them with their community:

“New parts of the town have also been discovered as we’ve meandered between boxes and shared with each other different routes to take. New friendships have been made in the Drive, and new acquaintances made on some of the organised walks by the Beat the Street team and Council.”


By inspiring thousands of residents to get moving and explore their area we can transform entire communities. It’s no wonder players report that ‘feeling part of the community’ is one of the main things they got out of playing Beat the Street.