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Beat the Street Edmonton has been commissioned by Enfield Council  with funding contributions by London Marathon Active Spaces, Canal & River Trust, and the National Lottery via Sport England. Working with local stakeholders, the programme is using physical activity as a lever to connect people to local assets and activities  – helping them become more active and reduce pollution.

Beat the Street has been shaped over the past 10 years into a transformational tool for places to help tackle ill health, inequalities and climate change that are stretching the resilience of councils and communities across the United Kingdom. It works at scale, uses behavioural science and helps people make long-term change. At its heart is a game that enables adults and children to move more where they live through walking, wheeling and cycling.

For partners, the behaviour change for priority audiences is coupled with the programme’s new ability to catalyse, build consensus and facilitate learning amongst local stakeholders across health, transport, environment and the wider community. The programme is co-delivered with a locality – working with London Sport and through Council partners, Leisure Trust, community groups. In Edmonton the hugely experienced School Game Organiser is providing the school engagement which has led to brilliant uptake across the schools. This means it can support areas that are either very developed in their place-working – like Merton and their Borough of Sport ambition – or starting on their journey. The programme brings together decision-makers across a variety of sectors, such as in Hammersmith & Fulham where it was a partnership between climate and public health,  providing them all with engagement and insight to inform further policy.

Crucially, it supports work already happening in a place by connecting people to assets (green spaces, town centres and active travel infrastructure), organisations and existing activities happening in a borough.

Addressing physical inactivity requires concerted population level action. The DCMS strategy Get Active advocates for physical activity and promoting walking for healthier lifestyles. As stated in official NHS communications, walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier.

Beat the Street integrates community engagement, behaviour change principles, data insight, project management and marketing expertise, all sat on digital platform for scalable delivery. Beat the Street has been referenced as an example of good practice at Government level: Public Health, Active Travel , Physical Activity.

The Edmonton game takes place from 12th June to 24th July.

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