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Beat the Street gets more than 800 schools active in 2016

By November 21, 2016March 9th, 2023No Comments

Intelligent Health has helped students, teachers and parents across the UK become more active with more than 800 schools taking part in Beat the Street in 2016.

Over the past year, Intelligent Health has encouraged more than 300,000 people to get moving because of its innovative Beat the Street programme which turns entire towns and cities into games. Working closely with schools, Intelligent Health is able to reach and engage with a significant proportion of the community.

Schools are incentivised to participate in Beat the Street with the chance of winning sports and fitness prizes if they manage to walk, run or cycle the furthest distance. Every child is given a card and fob and parents, staff, friends and family are encouraged to get involved and help their school win prizes.

Schools that have participated in Beat the Street have seen improvements in pupils’ health, focus, behaviour as well as stronger connections between staff, pupils and parents. Many schools have incorporated Beat the Street into their curriculum as part of physical education, geography and road safety.

“Our entire school got behind Beat the Street with pupils being taken out on walks each morning. Although the children are out of class for half an hour, they are much more alert, focused and better behaved after the morning Beat the Street walks.”

– John Alexander, Headteacher of St Joseph’s Catholic Junior School – Waltham Forest

“Beat the Street has led to the children learning more about what is available within the school community as well as knowledge about the geographical local area and personal and road safety. Parents and carers have enjoyed talking to staff and other parents about where they have been over the weekend to try and tap new beat boxes.”

– Wendy McCormack, Executive Headteacher of Lewis Street Primary School – Salford

In addition to encouraging schools to get moving, Intelligent Health has given out prizes worth up to £68,000 in value to schools across the UK to enable them to continue to keep kids active and healthy in the long-term.

Dr William Bird, CEO and Founder of Intelligent Health, said: “It is vital that children achieve at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day but constraints on staff time and school finances have resulted in only half of 7-year-olds getting enough exercise. Active pupils lead to better classrooms with improved attention, behaviour, creativity and memory.”