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Beat the Street Reading walking competition gets started!

By April 19, 2016March 9th, 2023No Comments

We’re off!

Despite pouring rain for the first day of Reading’s third Beat the Street challenge, the walking and cycling competition to encourage people to get active, has got underway in Reading.

The game turns the town of Reading, plus Theale, Mortimer, Burghfield and Pangbourne into a real life game. Anyone of any age and ability is invited to take part. Just collect a card from a distribution point on the website and start tapping! Players need to tap the Beat Boxes to score points. At least two Beat Boxes must be tapped within an hour to score points!

The teams that travel the furthest in the six weeks up until the end of the competition on 27th May will win sports vouchers.

Beat the Street has been funded by Reading Borough Council and the two Reading Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS North and West Reading CCG and NHS South Reading CCG. Beat the Street is designed to inspire people to be physically active, with the intention that they will continue these lifestyle choices beyond the competition.

By the end of Friday, participants had already clocked up more than 8,000 miles — the distance from Reading to Cape Town.

Graeme Hoskin, Reading’s Lead Member for Health said: “We’ve had a great response already and you can still sign up to take part. We’re delighted to see that despite the great British weather, lots of people had already begun their Beat the Street challenge and look forward to seeing you keep up the great work for the rest of the competition and beyond!”

Dr Rupert Woolley, lead GP for the project on behalf of the NHS Reading Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) said: “Well done to everyone that has signed up to Beat the Street so far. Don’t forget that as well as being a fun challenge for the whole community, walking for just 30 minutes a day is extremely beneficial for your health.”

Dr Woolley joined pupils at Pangbourne Primary School to be among the first to tap on day one.

Headteacher Melissa Fry said: “Pangbourne Primary School is delighted to be part of ‘Beat the Street’ once again. It really makes a difference to our community as it highlights to them the importance of these activities for personal health and well- being and it is great fun. There is great competition between pupils, parents and staff on who can get the most points.”