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Beat the Street walking competition will take Sankt Pölten and Wiener Neustadt on a journey around the world!

By March 23, 2016March 9th, 2023No Comments

An exciting new event is on its way to the towns of Sankt Pölten and Wiener Neustadt in Austria from Wednesday, 6th April to Friday, 20th May when the town will be turned into a real-life walking competition.

The initiative is called Beat the Street, the fun, free seven-week challenge is open to all and challenges people to ditch the car and to walk, cycle or run as far as possible.

Children from local primary schools will be provided with a fob; adults can collect a card and a map to take part. These will be available from distribution points across the town. The card records points when it is tapped against special sensors called ‘Beat Boxes’ which will be placed on lamp posts across Sankt Pölten and Wiener Neustadt. At least two Beat Boxes must be tapped in an hour to record points and there is a prize fund for the teams that travel the furthest.

The challenge has been funded by The Coca Cola Foundation to support healthier lifestyles and help communities to be more physically active. As well as great prizes for the teams that walk the furthest, there will be lucky tap prizes so that everyone who plays could be in with a chance of winning a prize. Additionally, if the target is reached, organisers will donate money to the towns to be used for the benefit of local residents.