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Intelligent Health join launch of Maudsley Hospital’s new horticultural garden

By June 13, 2016March 9th, 2023No Comments

Intelligent Health CEO — Dr William Bird — spoke about the health benefits of communal gardens at the launch of a new horticultural garden for patients at South London and Maudsley Hospital during London Tree Week.

The new horticultural therapy garden was developed for Maudsley Hospital by Trees for Cities to benefit 39 patients on the ward each year who experience severe mental illnesses. The garden contains a seating area where patients can relax as well as apple trees and beds which will grow fruit and vegetables.

Dr Willam Bird spoke about the connection between green spaces and good health alongside David Elliott, Chief Executive of Trees for Cities; David Norman, Director of Estates for South London and Maudsley Hospital; and Chris Collins, Patron of Trees for Cities.

Speaking about the event, Dr Bird said: “It was fantastic to see the horticultural therapy garden at the Maudsley. It is a great example of a community space where patients and staff can work together with nature. Participating in horticulture has so many benefits; getting people active in green spaces not only improves health and wellbeing, it also saves public money and improves our environment.”

Intelligent Health encourage people to connect with surroundings and explore green spaces around them. We run events during and after Beat the Street campaigns to encourage people to use their parks, rivers, canals and green spaces.

David Elliott, Chief Executive of Trees for Cities said: “It was a privilege to have Dr Bird come to the launch and speak about the value of communal gardens like South London and Maudsley Hospital’s new horticultural garden.

“The environment a patient experiences during their time in hospital is crucial to their wellbeing and recovery. Tranquil green spaces like this newly developed garden are a simple way to help patients feel better about themselves.”