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As part of shaping the policy agenda, Intelligent Health regularly respond to public consultations arranged by the government, devolved administrations, parliamentary committees and other key stakeholders. Our evidence submissions are informed through insight and data obtained in our programmes and those we work with.

The number of people who live in urban areas in the UK is expected to increase over the next decade, while the total provision of green spaces is expected to substantially decline, as infrastructure increases to meet the needs of a growing population.

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee has called for evidence to explore how green spaces in built-up areas can help meet the environmental and associated health challenges of urban living. The Government has estimated that parks and green spaces in England alone deliver an estimated £6.6 billion of climate change, environmental and health benefits every year. With the important environmental role green spaces play, any loss of these spaces will come at an environmental and social cost.

The EFRA Committee’s inquiry will focus on the ecological, environmental and human benefits of green space, and will explore the most effective solutions to making cities greener and nature rich

 Intelligent Health’s mission is to create resilience and improve health by connecting people to each other, their communities and their environment. We do this through engagement of communities at scale, sharing knowledge of the foundations of good health, and by using data and evaluation to deliver actionable insight. The vision is simple; to transform people’s health through small changes that make a big difference. 

Intelligent Health has submitted a response which you can read below:

EFRA Committee Urban Green Spaces Inquiry – Evidence Submitted by Intelligent Health October 2023

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