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Integrating active travel solutions for Active Partnerships

Join our discussion today as we speak to CEO, Jane Knowles, and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Jake Hannis, from Somerset Activity & Sports Partnerships aka SASP. Their vision is to “achieve healthier and happier communities in Somerset through physical activity”. SASP help to inspire and enable positive lifestyle choices through a range of services. In this episode, we explore our working relationship and the success of the Beat the Street games hosted in Somerset. We talk about active travel, their Somerset moves strategy and so much more


In the first episode, CEO Jane Knowles and Deputy CEO Jake Hannis from Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) discuss their work to promote physical activity and achieve healthier and happier communities in Somerset. SASP is a member of the 43 Active Partnerships, which collaborate and share best practices across the country. SASP has worked on promoting active travel in Somerset through initiatives such as the Beat the Street games and the Love to Pedal virtual cycling scheme.
During the pandemic, SASP adapted by distributing activity packs, introducing virtual challenges, and collaborating with local organisations to support those most affected by the pandemic. The Beat the Street programme has been successful in engaging thousands of people and promoting behavior change, with the partnership between Intelligent Health and SASP instrumental in its success. The program has also been successful in promoting physical activity for people with disabilities. The article emphasizes the importance of engaging people in physical activity through fun and enjoyable activities, rather than focusing on weight management.
The partnership is working on a fit for work program with housing colleagues to help young people become physically fit enough to withstand a day at work. The partnership has also launched a strategy called Somerset Moves, which aims to address inequality in physical activity. The partnership is grateful for the long-term funding provided by Sport England, which has allowed them to build and collaborate with other charities in the area. The partnership hopes to see significant progress in active travel in the next five years, with a shift away from car-centric infrastructure towards designing communities that encourage healthy lifestyles.
Working together across organisations will be key to achieving this vision. The interview ends with some rapid-fire questions about favorite physical activities and ways to improve personal well-being, with the interviewees encouraging listeners to check out the SASP website to learn more about their work.

Listen and read the full transcript below: