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Intelligent Health named as finalists for four UK Active Awards

By April 27, 2016March 9th, 2023No Comments

Intelligent Health have been named as finalists in the four UK Active Awards entered this year. The awards are: Spirit of Flame (Dr William Bird), Physical Activity Campaign of the Year, Spark of Innovation and Healthy Partnerships.

Managing Director Ian Mitchell said “Being recognised in so many awards high lights the multidimensional benefits of our Beat the Street programme. Last year we worked to get 175,000 participants and this year we have already worked with over 100,000 players with many more programmes to come across the UK and beyond. Beat the Street reaches so many people by transforming an entire town into a game; creating a buzz and working with partners to make a long term difference to health.

“It’s our knowledge of why people need to move coupled with how we engage them that has been stand out for me in how our programmes take off. Our staff have earned this recognition for their knowledge and enthusiasm to build active communities and make a difference. Dr William Bird sets the tone for our organisation and his nomination for 20 years of work to get people active is very deserved.”

Click here to vote for Dr William Bird’s nomination.

Dr William Bird said: “I am honoured to have been chosen as a finalist for the UK Active Spirit of Flame award. I attended a 20-year anniversary of the first ever Health Walk at the weekend which highlighted how much work has been done but how much we still need to do to help people understand that being active is what humans do. It’s great to see that the NHS, Public Health and the activity sector are working harder together and we need more collaboration to transform the health and wellbeing of communities and individuals. I am also thrilled that all the hard work of the ever-growing team at Intelligent Health has been recognised.”