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Intelligent Health supports Public Health England following new obesity report

By May 23, 2016March 9th, 2023No Comments

Intelligent Health has defended the advice of Public Health England following a newly published report critical of current dietary guidelines.

The report, produced by the National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration, criticised current dietary guidelines from organisations like Public Health England — arguing that the focus on low-fat diets is failing to address the issue of obesity in Britain.

Responding to the report, Intelligent Health CEO Dr William Bird said: “Intelligent Health supports Public Health England in providing evidence based advice which leads to better health. Obesity is one of many risk factors but poor nutrition and inactivity is as important and their advice covers how we address the whole of this complex problem.”

Intelligent Health highlights the importance of physical activity in addition to a healthy diet.

Intelligent Health encourages communities across the UK to become more physically active through programmes such as Beat the Street. Over 300,000 people have taken part in the mass-participation programme which turns towns, villages and cities into a game to get people moving.