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Nurturing wellbeing through meticulously researched, evidence-based, innovative approaches designed for the ever-evolving dynamics of today’s vibrant work landscape

About Roots Health Academy 

Welcome to Roots Health Academy, where we provide holistic employee well-being solutions tailored to address the intricate challenges of today’s dynamic work landscape.  

Whether you aim to fortify the resilience of your workforce, mitigate burnout, enhance mental wellness, open dialogues about menopause, or foster discussions on men’s health with confidence, we have the perfect suite of offerings for you.  

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Our featured experts

Dr William Bird MBE

GP, CEO & Founder of Intelligent Health

Dr Radha Modgil

GP, Broadcaster & Relationships Expert

Dr Kiran Sodha

GP & Sugar Expert

Our programme provides

Resilience training

Health awareness

Masterclass hub

Our approach

The core of our approach is the awareness that good resilience is the foundation of wellbeing. 

We have a dedication to understanding the underlying causes of poor employee health rather than superficially addressing symptoms. We do this by targeting individual resilience, educating employees to better understand the effects of poor resilience and wellbeing and how to develop the skills which enable them to ‘bounce back’. Embracing a proactive, holistic stance toward employee wellbeing, we prioritise prevention, education, and empowerment.

 By fostering a culture of belonging, safety, and value, we help employees to create environments where individuals thrive, teams excel, and organisations prosper.  

Our subject matter experts have created a suite of master classes which focus on helping people to understand why they feel the way they do physically and mentally and how they can make the changes needed to positively impact their lives. 

Why choose us?

Our partnership with The College of Medicine ensures access to top-tier subject matter experts.

Live masterclasses deliver cutting-edge scientific knowledge.

Direct audience interaction allows your employees to put their questions to our experts.

Easy access and flexibility, including recorded sessions for busy audiences.

Provision of simple, proven tools for daily life.

Bespoke sessions which suit the needs of your business.

Pricing flexibility to suit every budget.

Work with your business to maintain and improve engagement rates (currently at 8-10%).

Unlock your potential with unparalleled expertise: Discover how we’re revolutionising learning. 

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Bhawna Yadav

Roots Health Academy Manager

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